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خواتین کی مضبوطی، ترقی کی ضمانت

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خواتین کی مضبوطی، ترقی کی ضمانت


Sustainable development through financial inclusion.


Taking measures for social and economic uplift of the marginalized, with focus on women, to enhance their economic prosperity & self-reliance through financial inclusion & capacity building.


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Last Updated: 30 march 2022

Profile: Samina Salamat - 30 March 2022


Training on Fraud Prevention, Detection & Deterrence - 15th December 2021

Employee fraud awareness training is one of the most important ways your company can protect itself from fraud. Because Anti-Fraud training establishes a fair and ethical culture within a business, which is needed to ensure that corruption does not take place. Damen Support Programme conducted a one-day training with the coordination of NIBAF on Fraud Prevention, Detection & Deterrence, dated 15th December 2021 in DSP’s Head Office Lahore.

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Effective Loan Disbursement & Recovery Process - 7th & 8th Dec 2021

Damen Support Programme conducted one day session on Effective Loan Disbursement & Recovery Process for field staff of Region 1 (Lahore) on 7th Dec 2021 and for Region 2 (Faisalabad) on 8th Dec 2021 in Head Office Lahore.

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Coffee with CEO on 02-Dec-2021

Employee motivation is key to an organization’s success. It's the level of commitment, drive and energy that a company's workers bring to the role every day. To uplift the staff morale, Damen Support Programme took an initiative by organizing the events on 2nd Dec 2021 to acknowledge and appreciate the high achievers from SAM and Operations Department and give them the opportunity to have a coffee with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and value them for their endless efforts.

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Tournament Region 1 on 6th November 2021

One thing’s for sure – if executed properly, team-building events can not only be very beneficial but can also be incredibly fun for everyone involved.
To keep it in mind Damen Support Programme, arranged a Tournament among the staff of region 1 on 6th November 2021.

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03 days Induction Training Programme from 02-04 Nov 2021 in Head Office Lahore

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3 days Induction Training Programme for Loan Officers & Accounts Officers from 11th-13th October 2021

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Recruitment drive Bahawalnagar, Chistian & Haroonabad

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03 days Induction Training Programme (Batch I) for Loan Officers of Lahore, Faisalabad and Sheikhupura Region from 4th – 6th October 2021 in Head Office Lahore

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AML/CFT Training June 2021

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