Damen Support Programme دامن سپورٹ پروگرام

خواتین کی مضبوطی، ترقی کی ضمانت

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خواتین کی مضبوطی، ترقی کی ضمانت


Sustainable development through financial inclusion.


Taking measures for social and economic uplift of the marginalized, with focus on women, to enhance their economic prosperity & self-reliance through financial inclusion & capacity building.


No.: 0090169

NTN: 4392708-4

Our Services

Last Updated: 16 march 2022

Health insurance

Health is one of the most important blessings. Keeping that in mind, Damen Support Programme is providing health insurance to its clients and their spouse, free of charge, i.e. DSP pays for the health insurance of its clients and it’s free of charge for them as well as their spouse.

Life insurance

Damen Support Programme (DSP) also provides life insurance to its clients and their spouse. In case of death of a client or spouse, DSP writes off the outstanding loan of that client, in addition to it, it pays funeral charges to the family of the deceased client.
As soon as you become a client of Damen Support Programme, you are entitled for the health as well as life insurance.

Branchless Banking

For the convenience of its customers, Damen Support Programme has introduced branchless banking services. To serve this purpose DSP has a contract with five branchless banking operators in Pakistan namely JazzCash, EasyPaisa, UBL-Omni, NADRA e-Salhulat and HBL-Konnect.
Customers don’t need to visit the branch to deposit their recoveries, they can just go to any of the above mentioned branchless banking service providers in their area and deposit their installment.

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